White pants for women dos and don’ts

The secret is now out: elegant women always wear white pants. There is this power thing with white things that women wear: white shorts, white skirts…and now we have white pants for women. If you are a woman, you will appreciate the fact that white pants for women are strongly appealing as you stand out in the light’s reflection of the day. You cannot resist it but one thing you need to be cautious about is the fact that they are very easy to stain. This bring to the fore an important aspect of the white pants. It really matter what you wear underneath them no matter what. If you do not choose your undergarment, you will only have yourself to blame as this will spoil your party, what with visible undergarments and panty lines that are obviously visible from a mile away!

If you really value the white pants and want to step out in them, then this guide is for you.

The don’ts of white pants for women

White underwear goes

That’s right. Much as it looks only natural for you to wear white underwear underneath the white pants, this will be a mistake you cannot afford to make. The truth of the matter is that it will be noticeable no matter how much you try to hide. Perhaps the only exception to this rule is if only you have a blazer that is white in colour to cover above a white shirt and a matching skirt. This however looks awkward, don’t you think so?

Black inner wear is no-no

When you go for white pants for women, there is the temptation to take on the black. Being the contrast of white, what do you expect? It will be visible a mile and a shouting fashion faux pa to boot.

An underwear that is thick-why, oh my!

Well, let’s just put things in their right perspective. Thick underwear will give you a perfect shot for someone who has panty lines that can’t hide even if they tried to. Just keep off the thick stuff and move on.

This leaves you without anything to wear underneath.Well, almost but there are a whole lot of options for you to explore if you wanted to. Let us look at the dos now.

Underwear that matches your skin

You may have heard about nude underwear’s and wondered what on earth they are. There in fact great varieties of underwears that match the tone of your skin so perfectly that no one would notice that you are wearing anything underneath. Yet you will still look gorgeous in your white pants. There is not one shade of the nudes, not two or three but as many as 20 different shades for you to pick from. There are pale thongs that are also wide and laced. You can wear them with anything from skirts to shorts or pants and get away with it.


There is a shade of grey that we commonly refer to as light-grey. This is probably the closes you can ever get to when you want something fleshy coloured or nude if you like. You can’t go wrong with the light-grey types.

Commando style

Maybe you are afraid that you will get your monthly periods at the most inopportune time with the commando underwear and be exposed. Ouch! But going without underwear has been on some women’s lips for some time. If you are the daring types, then go ahead and embrace the commando style for once.


This one comes to mind when you think about the visible panty lines that you have fought all along to just to get rid of. For some women, spanx are a no-no. Maybe they are not comfortable to wear at all. Spanx work magic by helping remove the transparent appearance you get when you are in white pants for women. If you have no idea what the spanx is, think about the hosiery and body shapers that women buy from apparel giants like Spanx Inc.

There you have it now for you to choose. Remember, a great choice will help you look elegant in your white pants.

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