What are cropped pants?

Cropped pants are the choice casual clothes in warm weather. They have however a lot of debate on whether they are indeed stylish, flattering or trendy. There are a vast majority of people who also confuse them with Capri pants or pedal pushers.

We may also throw in the clamdiggers into the mix.

Ankle pants-what are they?

Just as the name suggests, ankle pants are meant to reach where the ankles are, above them rather.

Capri pants

These ones are generally designed in a shorter way than the ankle pants, falling somewhere between the ankles and the knees. You may have heard about the classic Capri pants; if so, this description aptly befits them.


To get a good understanding of these pants, imagine yourself walking on the beach with your pants rolled up as you search for calms. That’s right; there is where the name comes from.

Pedal pushers

These are the shorter varieties of the cropped pants, reaching no further than below your knees. Contrast these with the Bermuda shorts which are above the knees.

The flattering nature of cropped pants has always been in question for a long time now. This is purely a subjective issue because what works with one person will not necessarily work with another, based on body’s shape, taste and preference. It also requires that you stick to the rules on how to wear them, that is if you want to look good on them.

The rules

One of the requirements to look good is to ensure that you get just the right length for your pants. For instance, emphasis should be on ensuring that the length runs from the starting point of your shin to the narrowest part of your leg. As a rule, the indent should be the area between the ankle and the calf.

The second rule is that a line for lean part of the leg should be sought especially when the pant skim your legs

For the tall wearer, they have more freedom in terms of their choice for these kinds of pants. You should as many as you want as long as they look good on you.

The don’ts

You will know that the pants are not good for you if any of the following happens:

The mid-calf pants are a no-no. This particular pant falls flat on the face if you have big calves. If doesn’t fit, just change and get the pedal pushers which by design are short.

Wider legs

Wider legs do not go with short legs because they will make you short. This is particularly so for some ladies who have wide legs. Getting pockets for them only worsens them and obviously they won’t flatter you one bit.

Do not taper them

Some people taper their pants with the hope of achieving a certain slim-fitting appearance. The problem with doing this is that you may end up appearing to have wider hips than you already have; the aim is to balance the curves not to emphasise the lopsided appearance of the hips due to tapering them.

Petite ladies

If you have a petite figure, you risk appearing shorter than you are if you wear cropped pants. If you so much to wear them and still look drab, then you will need to invest in good wedges or high heels to eliminate the short appearance. The straps on your sandals are a no go zone with these types of pants as they will emphasize the shortness.

The big size mamas

If you are a big mama, you would probably think twice before taking on the cropped pants. Unless otherwise indicated, you should keep off if the rules above are anything to go by.

How to wear them

If you are very keen on stepping out next time in these pants, there is need to understand the following tips:

  • The Capri is best worn with short tops and an accompanying belt for effect.
  • Shoes should be of the same colour with emphasis on increasing the line of the leg.
  • Apply the rule of the thirds where necessary

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