The guide to buying linen d resses

If you want to buy linen dresses, there are some underlying fundamental attributes that should guide you to get just what you are looking for. Let us look at some of them.

Skin undertones

Granted, no two women have the same skin undertones. There are those who have warm undertones and there are those who have cool undertones. For the former, you can make do with warmer colours to match your warm undertones for your skin. There are some colours that are considered warm. These include shades of yellow, orange, greens and brown. To match these warm colour undertonmes, you will be better off with a complimentary red linen dresses.

The cool undertones are a whole different thing altogether. They entail what we call cool colours with lighter shades and include blue, purple and green. You should not limit yourself to these but can also tinker with darker shades of blue and blue and especially the sleeveless in design.

How to buy linen dresses

Let us say you are busy career woman who has no time to go round the apparel stores. There are many online shops which retail these kinds of dresses. At the comfort of your home, all you need to do is to log on to sites such as eBay and go to their homepage. There are many categories of dresses displayed there, such that you are not sure what you want. Take it easy as all you need to do is to look under the category for linen dresses. You will find those that are long and sleevless, those with straps and so on. If you want a strapless one and it is long, then enter the words to that effect and click search. The search engine will use these tag words to bring results for all the dresses that are linen and are strapless.

Make it fun

Shopping for linen dresses need not be a hustle if you know what you want. The only problem is finding a beautiful dress but then; realize that it does not fit because of your body shape. This means you need to understand your body shape. Are spoon figure type or Hour glass figure? There are of course many other types of figures such as oval, diamomd and top hour glass. Once you determine your body shape, it will be fun locating just the dress that goes with your body shape.

As noted here above, the shape of the body determines the kind of dress that you will wear. That is not all. Skin undertones are equally important. You need to know if you require the warm skin undertones or the cool skin undertones. Such knowledge is vital as it helps you find the perfect dress that flatters your body shape.

Which are the best linen dresses?

This is probably the question that most women ask themselves when they set out to look for linen dresses. Granted, there are some factors that come into play when looking for the best of linen. These are discussed below:


If you are looking for the best, the first that comes to your mind is the brand. The name of the brand defines you. There are brands such as A.LC. A.P.C,Acne Studios and so on. Ultimately, you are the one to decide which brand suits you. Whichever way it goes, it is always a good idea to look for a good brand that compliments you.


Admittedly, colour plays an integral role in the choice of the dress that you want and especially the line ones. There are warm and cool skin undertones. As discussed here above, make sure that you get the colour undertones which match your skin; otherwise you will look out of place even with a good dress.


Women come in different sizes. There are petite, large, and extra-large and so on. Knowing your size is key to unlocking the correct size that will fit and match your body shape without having loose ends. You will get flattered when you find just the right size for you.

Sales deals

There are sales deals that are available. You should always be well informed on the special offers, free shipping among other deals that may be available for shoppers.

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