Shopping for plus size wedding dress

A plus woman size goes through a harrowing experience when looking for the ideal dress for her big day. This is because there are not many wedding dresses that are designed with plus size women. Thank fully, there now many shops where you can find plus-size wedding dress that is cut perfectly for you.

There are many women who give up after visiting just one shop. This however needs not be the case as you can always visit several others, including the online ones and still find the wedding dress that you need for your wedding. You can always ask for help if need be.

Preparing yourself for the plus size wedding show

In order to succeed in shopping for a plus size wedding show, you need to make some preparations. The first thing is to ensure that on the day you are going to buy the dress, you have well fitting underwear that flatters your body shape. This will give you a good feeling of yourself in readiness for testing the wedding dress.

Get yourself bras, preferably the strapless ones

These kinds of bras are preferable because you can easily wear and remove them as you try on different wedding dresses. Some shops will provide you with those but in most cases, you might not find the type that fits you; if not so, hope that the shop you visit has the kind of wedding dresses which do not require you to have the bras on.


Accessories like shoes are very important to bring along with you so that you can check if they match or provide you with the desired height. This will help you have a feel of the actual wedding day and how you will look like.

Keep yourself hydrated

As a plus size woman, trying on different wedding dresses will wear you down, causing dehydration. You may therefore consider carrying water in a bottle to sip as you try on different wedding dresses on display.

Ask for samples

You will find that most shops will only display what they have. Ask for the clips they have used for plus size women so that you can have an idea on what size you need. There are usually more sizes than you can sample, so the idea is to ensure that you try as many samples as you can before settling down on a particular seize. You should however not be afraid of asking a question especially in regard to clips.

Trying a wedding dress for the A-line body shape

If this is your ideal dress, make sure it is comfortable to wear. Look for likeable features like the neckline and bodice and see to it that they are exactly what you had in mind; otherwise dig in for more with the look of a detective. Is its front split? What about the waist? It should be empire, if not keep digging. Sip your water and take it in pride. The important day in your life is beckoning and hence cannot afford to go wrong today.

The corset

The ideal corset for the plus size wedding dress should fit well without hurting you at the back. Why not cinch it anyhow and see to it that brings out the curvy you.

Strapless or sleeveless?

You may decide to go for the strapless types or simply the sleeveless varieties.

The waist

You can opt to play around with the waist so that in the end, you can either be in a flattering ball gown with a matching skirt or simply one with a dropped waist especially if all you want to flaunt are the sexy hips.

The styles

There are styles that you can opt for when shopping for the plus size wedding dress. There are those that have a flare and fits more like the A-line type but then, you can always go for the silhouette if it gives that killer figure. Better still, you can opt for the mermaid style and still be the best looking in your big day.

Crossing bodices

Wrapping things up, you can’t go wrong with cross bodices. You will look stunning and still your show, quite literally. In a nut shell, being a plus size need not be a dull affair when shopping for your plus size wedding dress.

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