Red cocktail dress

What comes to mind when you see red? I guess you said passion. Yes, nothing inspires passion in people than the colour red. In the same context, red cocktail dress is all that you need to inspire the same feeling towards other people-more so your spouse or lover. This is the ultimate dress that you need for a special evening party or a holiday party .One thing about Red cocktail dress is that it helps you to stand out no matter which event you are attending.

When is this dress worn?

As noted above, the Red cocktail dress is a handy dress worn for various functions such as the new holiday party, New Year and Christmas. At their best, shop owners in departmental stores like displaying in their windows to attract shoppers. If you are an avid reader of celebrity fashion magazines, you must have noticed that the models in these gloss magazines clad red dresses. This makes these magazines to attract your attention from far.

What is the best time to buy this dress?

Based on the occasions that we have seen above when they are worn, the best time to go shopping for this dress is between the end of October and the beginning of January. During this period, you will find most shops are well stocked with dresses that have the desired tones such as jewel in their element.


There are many types of Red cocktail dress. You will find the dresses in their different red colour variations such as garnet, ruby to deep red to crimson. As for the design, you can either opt for the strapless varieties or settle for the empire designs.

The fabric used to make this kind of dress could be anything from chiffon to silk. You also can’t go wrong with taffeta or velvet, depending on what appeals to you most. It is advisable to go for rayon or silk if you are looking for durability. This distinction should be made between the rayon and silk which can be for any season and the velvet types. The latter, together with wool are more preferable during cold seasons.

The considerations to make

You cannot just wake up one day and decide you want to buy this dress. The first thing you need to bear in mind is the cost. Admittedly, the cost varies depending on where you are going to buy the dress: department stores or online. Either way, the price is not going to be the same. It will not cost you anything to go through the offers online or visit the retail shops in your locality and compare the prices. In the retail option, don’t forget the difference could in thousands of dollars, depending on which store you check in. This is despite the fact that a modest cocktail dress is hardly $100.

Tips when buying the dress

It is advisable that when you set for a particular Red cocktail dress, it should complement the colour of your lipstick as opposed to having them match perfectly. Emotions should not guide you when buying the dress. Instead, just try on a few of them and see which one best goes with your shoes and other accessories that you have.

The body shape

A red cocktail dress should sit well with your body shape without appearing too tight to too loose. In this aspect, you should be able to know which dress goes with your body figure. Women have different body shapes such as banana, apple, pear, diamond, hour glass among others. Knowing where your body shape falls will solve so many problems later when you wear the dress for an evening party. Unfortunately, it may be too late to return the dress after forcing it on yourself. This explains the reason why you should seize this moment and get a dress that will fit you well and flatter your body shape.

Hair and colour of the eyes

Much as the body shape matters a lot, the hair and colour of your eyes will play a significant role in the selection of the red dress. The dress should not clash with these two and should in fact accentuate them so that you stand out in an evening party.

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