Options for wide leg pants

If you haven’t noticed, the slim fit jeans have ruled the fashion world for ages. Am not begrudging the designers of these slender jeans; it’s just that things are changing as more and more women begin to embrace wide leg pants. This is something to appreciate, after all the legs need space to breathe just like any other part of the body. Wide leg pants are excellent designer wear for women who love to look fashionable without necessarily being complicated. If you are the type of women who are learning about the leg pants, here are the priceless tips to help you make the best out of your shopping.

The body shape

This is the holy grail of getting it right with any apparel. Women come in different shapes like:

-hour glass

-top hour glass





These are just a few of the body shapes that we have. You will find that each body shape will only accommodate certain wide leg pants. Once you identify which is your body shape, you can proceed to the leg pants which complement your shape. What is important is that you should not just look amazing; you must feel comfortable wearing them.

Flares and height

As a rule, the taller you are, the wider the flares should be. There is no other way to doing it right. It would be a fashion disaster having very wide flares for a person of short stature.

Balancing the curves

There is a way in which you can balance out the curves when wearing the leg pants. For instance, pear shaped ladies will do just fine having flares commencing immediately below the knees. This helps to even out the curves and bring out the best in you.

Petite bodied ladies

If you are a lady with a petite figure, you need not worry so much about where the flares ought to be as long as you make them as subtle as possible. If this doesn’t work for you, then you may consider going for pants with high waists.

Balancing the top with the top

If you are wearing wide leg pantsuit means that the bottom part is wide open. You therefore cannot afford an open top; otherwise there will be lack of balance. Therefoe, ensure that the top that you wear is fitting enough to close the top.


The waist is an important aspect of your appearance. If you want to bring the best out of your, accentuate the waist area by wearing a belt.


This cannot be gainsaid but it is important that you always stay with your shirt in instead of out. Nothing gives a bad fashion statement than having your shirt out when everything else is fitting in their place.

The colour of the pants

Colour for the leg pants gives the distinction between the big bodied and the slender types. Dark coloured types of pants have been observed to accentuate the slenderness of your body. No prize for guessing which colour to go for in order to have that slender appearance.

Fitting tops

You may have nice wide leg pants, but as long as the top doesn’t fit, everything else goes wrong. The trick is finding a top that fits well to go with your stylish leg pants and fits snugly into your frame.

Platforms shoes

Heels which look chunky are the best to match your leg pants as they enhance your height, bringing out an elongated frame.


Paring your leg pants could be tricky unless you are god at it. Essentially, jackets (especially the short ones) will do just fine for your office wear. In fact jackets make you look sophisticated and stylish to boot.

Too wide leg pants are a no-no

Though wide pants have been used liberally to mean large openings for the pants, too much wideness could be your undoing as your undergarments could be exposed without you realizing it. It is therefore important that you ensure to keep with a reasonable width. After all, there is no point in looking excellent with revealing undergarment lines!

In a conclusion, wide leg pants are great way of making a fashion statement so long as you remain within these fundamentals.

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