About men’s corduroy pants

As a man, there are those pieces of apparels that are a must to have in your closet. Each has their own tastes and preferences. If there is one that you should never miss in your closet however, it is the men’s corduroy pants. Here’s as to why:

The make

By make, the corduroy pants have their cords twisted in away such that they lie in a parallel position to each other during the weaving process. This makes them very strong material that is also comfortable. You have seen pairs of these pants lasting for long before they wear out.

Terms relating to corduroy pants include the following:

Cord, is the first term we have come across regarding corduroy pants. Also known as ribbing, this is what you get when you test the textile making up the fabric. When this cord has been twisted to a certain width, it gives us what is known as a wale. By definition ten, a whale is the measure of the cord’s number making an inch. To this end, there are three types of wales that you must bear in mind when you step out on a shopping spree for corduroy pants.

To start with, there is the standard cord. The second one is dyed type while the third one is pincord.You will notice that each of these cords have their own unique properties that are different from each other. If you are not sure, you should enquire from the seller so that you get the correct particulars that you are looking for.

The same thing applies when it comes to the colours. Admittedly, men’s corduroy pants come in various colours, such that you are spoilt for choice. In such a case, you should ensure that the colour of the pants you go for do not clash with your other matching attire. If for instance you have a khaki top, it would be great to look for khaki corduroy to match.

Is corduroy suited for all men?

Corduroy is a material that suits all men regardless of their ages. Whilst the misconception out there is that they are mostly for the older generation, the designers have come to dispel this by making more appealing designs that will accomodate the younger people.

There are a number of factors that you should consider when seeking to acquire corduroy pants.


The corduroy pant that you are looking for must be the best fit for you. There are various types of fits such as cargo and the classic pleats. Whichever you go, you must ensure that fits well and that it is your correct size.

Care instructions

Men’s corduroy pants come with care instructions that you must adhere to in order to retain their quality. People who ignore the care instructions end up damaging the fabric, yet all it takes is to look for the wash labels and follow the instructions given there.

Where to find the best corduroy pants

These pants are available in most department stores where high-end attires are sold. I f you like shopping for your apparels online, there are various market places such as eBay where you can buy such.

Let us now learn more about the various types of cords as earlier mentioned.


Wales make up the cord when measured up to one inch. Vertical ridges are obtained by weaving more fibres over the basic fabric. Wales can either be pincord, standard or dyed.

The standard type

This is referred to us standard because it has measurements of eleven wales per inch. This fabric is strong and long lasting .casual pants and blazers go well with the standard fabric.

Who should wear it?

Standard works well with thin men who are also tall due to added depth.


Pincord wales measures 1 inch on the top side to sixteen on the extreme end of it. They come in different colours. Due the inch factor, you would rather have then in suits.

Who should wear?

If you are the heavily built type of men, this is one especially for you. They have a velvet feel and gives you that feeling of getting slim.


The dyed type uses pigments .this one comes in various colours and is the choice for types of men.

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